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world images

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world images

Mexican Transvestites

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Mexican Transvestites

Mumbai Slums

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Mumbai Slums

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Arvin Morson(non-registered)
I am quite inspired by your story. It seems that photography was not a profession for you but a passion that you cherished and you succeeded in your goal. However, photography is like sea. No one can comprehend it to the fullest.
nice to see theses black and white photos.. remembering those old days..
Ron Levy(non-registered)
I am glad to see that you have found something that you can do that makes you happy.
Keep posting....I would like to see more.
Beatrice Galinat(non-registered)
Bravo Jody! You are very talented. I find your pictures beautiful and sad.
Cheryl Bickley (Conn)(non-registered)
Wow, I just now reopened this up from last Jan. Amazing experiences you must have with your photography. Mexico is very interesting to visit and have been there a few times
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